Summer 2020 - The Pilot

Bubble Up began as a response to the Coronavirus Pandemic and extended school closures in the first half of 2020.

Through the Summer, Curious Minds commissioned 5 a series of
Hyper-LocalCultural Learning Clubs for young people transitioning from primary to secondary school in 5 neighbourhoods across the North West.

As part of the commissioning process, 17 artists, cultural and organisations local to these areas came together to form Neighbourhood Delivery Bubbles, collaborating to share knowledge and resources in order to offer an immersive and place-based experience for the young people.

These Neighbourhood Delivery Bubbles were located in:

  • Claremont, Blackpool
  • Gorton, Manchester
  • Leigh, Wigan
  • Stretford, Trafford
  • Toxteth Liverpool
 Take a look at the case studies from the pilot Bubbles below.

The next phase and beyond

The next rounds of commissioning for Bubble Up were completed in August and September, with over 70 different individuals and organisations delivering the extra-curricular clubs across North West localities as part of Local Neighbourhood Delivery Bubbles and more in the pipeline. Although there have been bumps along the road, with changing guidelines and lockdowns, the impact on both young people and grassroots community practitioners has been invaluable.

I wasn't expecting it to be this fun, but it really was. It's built up my confidence speaking and doing things in front of lots of people.

You could see the friendships that the children built and you could see them becoming leaders and being confident when we were doing the workshops because they kind of felt like, ‘we know how to do this, we can do this'

It's been great to see young people work with local creatives, seeing professional people with jobs they could aspire to in the future.

It helped me express my ideas. My mum always says I have good ideas but I just don't know how to say them very well.

Bubble Up has helped me not be as scared and emotional about the future. I missed my junior school so much, but now I'm not scared.

I had a little girl who came in quiet and because her friend wasn’t there and she didn’t want to do anything... so I let her take at her own pace and in the end she was getting up on the stage, she was really confident, and even her mum said, "I don’t know what you’ve done but she’s really come out of herself".